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Introducing the Afri Jigs Upper Zambezi pack, the ultimate solution for anglers looking to catch Tiger Fish and Nembwe in the Upper Zambezi region. This pack includes the best Afri Jigs and Afri Jatters, carefully designed and crafted to ensure that you get the most out of your fishing experience.


With a variety of colours and sizes, these Jigs and Jatters have been proven to be highly effective in catching the elusive Tiger Fish and Nembwe. The pack also comes with a stylish camo Afri Jig cap, which will keep you protected from the sun and add a touch of style to your fishing gear.

Pack includes:          

Afri Jig Bulldog 3/8oz x2

Afri Jig Rasta Red 3/8oz x2

Afri Jig Bulldog 1/2 oz x3

Afri Jig Black & Red 1/2 oz x3

Afri Jig Sunrise 1/2oz x3

Afri Jatter Red Breast 3/8oz Weed Guard x2

Afri Jatter Black & Red 3/8oz Weed Guard x2

Afri Jigs Game Changer Camo Cap x1

Upper Zambezi Pack

SKU: 9001
R1 999,99Price
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