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Meet the expert fisherman and designer of the Afri Jig

Garreth Coombes was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, with his parents and siblings, Vaughn and Lyndsay. Growing up, Garreth's family owned and operated Fancy-Free Fly Fishing Retreat, a popular fishing destination.

Garreth's passion for fishing began during summer trips to the family farm in Zimbabwe, where he quickly mastered the fundamentals of both fly and conventional tackle set-up at a young age. His family's love of travel took them to many exotic locations, providing Garreth with opportunities to hone his fishing ability in various types of fishing. In addition to freshwater fly fishing, Garreth also explored other forms of fishing during these trips. These early experiences set the scene for Garreth's lifelong love of fishing, as evident in the photos.

"As a young lad, he toiled with 1000lb Marlins and various other pelagic species that are in the top 10 of most fisherman's bucket lists."

Garreth's love for fishing led him to actively participate in the highly competitive South African Bass Circuit during his late teens and early adulthood. His passion for catching sizable fish on artificial lures made him a serious contender on the local Bass circuit. However, after a few years, he realized that he needed to diversify his interests and began to focus on building and marketing Sekoma Island Lodge.

Sekoma Island is a premier fishing destination located on the Kasi Channel in Zambia. It boasts some of the most pristine waters for the African Tigerfish, one of the fiercest freshwater predators globally, and hosts an array of different freshwater fish species. The Kasai channel is a unique area on the Zambezi and home to the annual phenomenon of floodwaters receding from the plains into the Kasai channel. This natural migration is a spectacular event, with thousands of baitfish that have been sheltered in nurseries on the flood plains, being dumped back into the Kasia channel - much to the delight of predatory fish and birds!

"His passion for fishing fuelled his desire to pursue some of the most iconic species in the world and led him as far afield as the jungles of Bolivia and the beaches of Mexico."

With his extensive experience and knowledge in the fishing industry, Garreth has become a well-respected figure on the South African fishing scene and has forged many affiliations within the industry. Drawing from his years of expertise, Garreth founded Afri G Adventures - a bespoke outfitter and destination marketing business that offers fishermen unique and unforgettable experiences.

At Afri G Adventures, Garreth's team specializes in crafting personalized and tailor-made trips that cater to the specific interests and needs of each client. Whether it's freshwater fly fishing, saltwater fishing, or even a combination of both, Afri G Adventures offers a diverse range of experiences that guarantee to thrill and delight any fishing enthusiast.

"As an expert fisherman, Garreth was always asked which lures work best for a particular species and time of year."

Garreth's extensive experience in both bass and fly-fishing made him realize that there was a need for a versatile lure that could adapt to different fishing styles and conditions. He set out to design and develop a lure that could stand up to the most challenging fishing environments and would be suitable for a basic retrieve. After much experimentation and research, Garreth successfully fused different fishing approaches, and the result was the birth of the Afri Jig.

The Afri Jig is a game-changing lure that has been expertly crafted to deliver outstanding results across a wide range of fishing styles and conditions. Its unique design and construction make it one of the most versatile lures on the market, and its ability to perform consistently in different environments has earned it a dedicated following among fishing enthusiasts. Garreth's passion for fishing, combined with his vast knowledge and experience, have made the Afri Jig one of the most sought-after lures in the industry.

"Afri Jigs, designed with finesse fishing in mind."

The Afri Jig is a highly versatile lure that can be used for a variety of fishing styles and conditions. Whether it's bouncing along the bottom or swimming at depth, the Afri Jig's unique design and high-grade materials make it a reliable choice for any fishing enthusiast.

The lure's sleek and lifelike profile is due to the carefully crafted shape of the head and body. This design feature ensures that the Afri Jig delivers a realistic and enticing action in the water, making it an irresistible target for predatory fish.

The Afri Jig has been extensively tested under challenging conditions and has proven to be a dependable choice for anglers who want to maximize their chances of success. Whether you're targeting bass, tigerfish, or any other predatory fish, the Afri Jig is a lure that will help you to achieve outstanding results.

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