Garreth Coombes was born in South Africa, Johannesburg. He grew up living with his parents and siblings Vaughn and Lyndsay. Garreths family owns and run Fancy-Free Fly Fishing Retreat. Garreth was introduced to fishing on summer trips to the family farm in Zimbabwe and was bitten by the fishing bug. Garreth mastered the fundamentals of both fly as well as a conventional tackle set up at a very early age, as he was fortunate to come from a family that loved travelling, and with his family, he visited many exotic locations where he would begin to hone his fishing ability. On these trips, he was first introduced to other types of fishing besides freshwater fly fishing. Photos will reveal that some of his first experiences were going to set the scene for later on in his life, as a young lad he toiled with 1000lb Marlins and various other pelagic species that are in the top 10 of most fisherman's bucket list.

Throughout his late teens and early adulthood, Garreth was actively involved in the South African Bass Circuit which boasts as one of the most competitive on the African continent. His love for fishing and his knack for catching sizable fish on artificial lures placed him as a serious competitor in the coming years on the local Bass circuit. After a few years on the circuit, he realized that he would not be able to make a sustainable career from Bass fishing, and began to diversify his attention to building up and marketing of Sekoma Island Lodge.

Sekoma Island is a premier fishing destination based in Zambia on the Kasi Channel, it boasts some of the most pristine waters for the African Tigerfish (one of the fieriest freshwater predators in the world) and hosts an amazing array of freshwater fish species. The Kasai channel is one of the unique areas of the Zambezi and the recipient of the annual phenomenon of the floodwaters receding from the plains into the Kasai channel. If you are unfamiliar with this natural migration, it is where thousands of baitfish that have been in sheltered nurseries on the flood plains are dumped back into the Kasia much to the delight of the predatory fish and birds.


Garreths passion for fishing has fuelled his desire to peruse some of the most iconic species in the world and this has led him far afield as the jungles of Bolivia and the beaches of Mexico. He has been a stalwart in the South African fishing scene and has many affiliations to the industry. Armed with all his experience and knowledge Garreth formed Afri G adventures which is a bespoke outfitter and destination marketing company that offers unique and once in a lifetime experiences to fishermen.

As an expert fisherman, Garreth was always asked what lures were working best for a particular species and time of year. He soon realised that there was a need to develop a lure that would suit most conditions and that would be able to stand up to many different fishing styles, conditions and which involved a basic retrieve. As Garreth's youth was mainly fly-fishing and his early adulthood was Bass fishing these experiences culminated in a fusion of the approaches and the Afri Jig was born.


Afri Jigs were developed with finesse fishing in mind. They are versatile enough to be bounced along the bottom or swum at depth. They are made from high-grade materials and suit most fishing conditions. The profile of the head and body ensure a sleek and lifelike profile in the water. Afri Jigs have been battled tested and often produce fish when the conditions are tough.

The Original Afri Jigs – Game Changers