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The Afri Jigs Nembwe Pack is an extraordinary collection of fishing lures and equipment designed to enhance the angler's fishing experience, particularly targeting the pursuit of the prized Nembwe fish species.

The Nembwe Pack is meticulously crafted by Afri Jigs, a renowned name in the fishing industry known for its commitment to quality and innovation. The pack comprises a range of meticulously designed lures, each tailored to entice and allure the elusive Nembwe. These lures are crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring their durability and effectiveness even in the most challenging fishing conditions.

Whether you are an amateur angler looking to experience the thrill of catching a Nembwe for the first time or a seasoned fisherman aiming to improve your catch rate, the Afri Jigs Nembwe Pack offers an all-in-one solution to fulfill your fishing ambitions. With its top-notch lures and carefully curated fishing gear, the pack promises a memorable and successful fishing adventure in the captivating waters of Africa. The Pack Includes:

Afri Jigs Black & Purple 3/8 Weed Guard x 2

Afri Jigs Bulldog Weed Guard x 2

Afri Jigs Redbreast Weed Guard x 2

Afri Jatter Black & Purple 3/8 Weed Guard x 2

Afri Jatter Bulldog  Weed Guard 3/8 x 2

Afri Jatter Redbreast Weed Guard 3/8 x 2

Afri Jigs Game Changer Green Cap x 1


Nembwe Pack

SKU: 9004
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