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Introducing the Catfish Run Pack: Your Ultimate Adventure Kit!


Unleash the angler in you and gear up for an unforgettable fishing experience with our meticulously curated Catfish Run Pack. This comprehensive kit enhances your chances of landing those elusive catfish and makes your fishing expedition an absolute breeze. The Catfish Run Pack is the ultimate companion for novice and seasoned anglers, offering a versatile selection of lures and accessories that ensure you're well-prepared for a day of angling excitement.


The Pack Includes 


Afri Jigs Black & Red 3/4oz x 2

Afri Jigs Black & Purple 3/4oz x 2

Afri Jigs Redbreast 3/4oz x 2

Afri Jatter Black & Red 1/2oz x 2

Afri Jatter Redbreast 1/2oz x 2

Afri Jigs River Dog Cap x1


Dive into the depths of catfish territory with our exclusive Afri Jigs, carefully crafted to mimic the movements of the catfish's favorite prey. These six jigs are expertly designed to attract the attention of even the wariest catfish, making them an essential component of your arsenal. These jigs' realistic action and lifelike color patterns will have catfish striking in no time.


Our Jatters are the secret weapon in your quest for catfish. With their distinct sound and vibration, these lures are irresistible to catfish, awakening their predatory instincts. Whether you're casting in murky waters or challenging conditions, the Jatters in this pack ensure you're ready to entice and hook catfish wherever they lurk.

Cat Fish Run Pack

SKU: 9006
R1 299,99Price
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