The 3/4 is a slightly heavier profile to get max cast distance and depth in faster water.


The unique design and profile of the Afri Jig gives this lure an advantage over many others lure designs and its brilliance lies in the versatility of finesse fishing. This battle tested lure was originally designed to target fish from the Hydrocynus genus (African Tiger fish) and hence the materials used in the Afri Jig are made from highly resilient material which is then hand poured and painted and then handtied. Afri Jigs hooks are the highest quality hooks available and are balanced to ensure that the Afri Jigs can ‘swim” which mimics the natural movement of bait fish.


The Afri Jig is a lure that has the unique ability manoeuvre in a snag resistant manner while looking exactly like a real bait fish. The Afri Jig has become renowned for its ability to entice Tiger fish in the most difficult circumstances. The Afri jig is proving to be much more versatile that originally expected and as Garreth Coombes and countless other anglers have proven; is that the Afri Jig is a potent lure for Yellow fish, Nembwe, Bream and many other freshwater species.

Sunrise XL

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