The unique design and profile of the Afri Jig give this lure an advantage over many other lure designs and its brilliance lies in the versatility of finesse fishing. This battle-tested lure was originally designed to target fish from the Hydrocynus genus (African Tigerfish) and hence the materials used in the Afri Jig are made from highly resilient material which is then hand poured and painted and then hand-tied. Afri Jigs hooks are the highest quality hooks available and are balanced to ensure that the Afri Jigs can ‘swim” which mimics the natural movement of baitfish.


The Afri Jigs Saltwater Range has been developed over the many years Garreth Coombes has been fishing in Saltwater conditions. The Afri Jig Saltwater Range has been developed with unique sea conditions in mind and stands up to these tough conditions. Afri Jigs Saltwater range has hooked a variety of predator Saltwater fish species and is fished with a finesse style, this is different from the bottom-up traditional Saltwater Jig style. The success of the jigs in various parts of the Globe has made these jigs a firm favourite in the tackle box of Globetrotting anglers.

Salty Chartreuse & White

SKU: 3014
    • Sizes: 3/8oz
    • Fit with Highest Quality Saltwater Hooks.
    • Natural Sink Rate.
    • High quality H2O SALT Fiber
    • Hand painted
    • Snag Resistant Design.
    • 4 Colours.